Welcome to RGS Prep

We know how important your choice of prep school is, never more so than in the current climate and we are delighted to be able to offer the chance for you to visit our school in person. Our Open Mornings in March and October will give you the chance to have small group guided tours of the School with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

RGS Prep provides an all-round education in a vibrant, dynamic environment. Our school puts the care and nurturing of each individual student at the heart of everything we do, with every opportunity given to each student to develop, grow and learn in order to realise his potential.

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If you would like to visit RGS Prep, or would like further information, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

Welcome from the Head

Schools are a very personal choice. When you walk into any school, I would hope you feel a sense of purpose, warmth and community. You should be able to gain a valuable insight into how your child would engage and grow within that environment. RGS Prep is built on core set of strong values and academic rigour, but we also ensure that our boys are given the best pastoral care and excellent opportunities to thrive in a wide range of lessons and activities.

I’ll always remember the first time I stepped through RGS Prep’s doors. Like so many people, I knew the school’s excellent reputation, but I hadn’t quite anticipated the feeling I would get upon walking its corridors and meeting the boys. The school was a buzz with activity – the pupils I met were brimming with enthusiasm, curiosity and energy. They were well-mannered and polite. They were individual. But, most of all, they were happy.

When your son leaves our school, you can be assured that he will go on to his chosen senior school with a wide range of interests and the confidence to try new things and to embrace challenges that will help him realise his potential academically, thrive in his personal development and excel in his co-curricular interests.

During a visit to the School, I am certain you will get a real sense of who we are and what we stand for, and I look forward to welcoming you then.

Mr Freeman-Day

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Our latest ISI inspection rated our school as excellent in all areas.

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“Throughout all age groups pupils display outstanding depth, breadth and variety of knowledge, skills and understanding, both within the formal curriculum and beyond.”
“Pupils’ communication skills, both formally and informally, are excellent. They are respectfully confident and display a natural, polite, and engaging way of communicating with each other and adults.”
“Pupils have an excellent and deep sense of their self-knowledge and self-discipline from an early age. Respectful pupil and teacher relationships and amongst the pupils themselves create the right environment to enable pupils of all ages to grow in self-confidence in preparation for the next stage in their lives.”
“Pupils make an excellent contribution to others, the school and the community, in line with the school’s values. This is because pupils are highly motivated and relish a sense of challenge, together with the many opportunities the school provides for pupils of different ages to contribute to the lives of others.”
“Pupils show an acute sense of respect for each other and recognise the school’s important role, underpinned by its inclusive values, in creating an academically challenging, positive and welcoming community where they can develop and flourish as true individuals.”
“Pupils’ development of moral understanding and taking responsibility for their own behaviour is excellent. They have a clear and deep understanding of what is right and wrong.”
“Pupils of all ages respond extremely positively to the consistently high expectations of the teaching. They enjoy in equal part both providing challenge and being challenged intellectually.”
“Pupils display excellent attitudes to their learning. They are passionate, motivated and enthusiastic, and in many areas observed it is clear that pupils’ attitudes are wholly aligned in fulfilling the school’s aims which encourages scholarship for all, growth of intellectual curiosity and the opportunity to establish important life skills through a wide range of extra-curricular activities.”
“Pupils enjoy the challenge and are adept at researching, extracting, collating and presenting information coherently.”
“The high degree of mutual respect between pupils and teachers is a key feature in [the pupils’] success.”